leather care



The leather used on all our handbags is a Full Grain Vegetable Tanned bovine hide. Being an entirely organic material, vegetable tanned leather will change over time. It will become softer and darker, and will acquire a beautiful deep tan patina from use and wear.

It has great durability and strength and if well cared for - potentially will last several lifetimes . .

Over time and wear, it will develop its own unique aged patina which will soften and darken.

All our Handbags are handcrafted in Greece by local artisans who have been working with leather using traditional techniques since the 1940's.


Being raw Leather, our bags are more susceptible to stains and or water marks then normal heavily dyed bags. The bags will soften and deepen to a beautiful Amber Hue through wear. From time to time you may need to use a good quality conditioner to help nourish and protect the leather. Beeswax can also be used to help protect the leather, Please be aware, beeswax can darken the leather straight away when used.



All our leather shoes are handmade by leather craftsman using a beautiful soft Tan Leather. 


Due to the softness of the leather on our shoes, it can be quite delicate, this means it may scuff easily. We recommend a good quality conditioner every so often to keep it looking supple and help it last.